MarketCycle Explained

The benefit of investing with MarketCycle Wealth Management is that we have, after years of intense research and study, developed a proprietary method of identifying:

  • which type of market we are in, bull or bear or sideways
  • when tops and bottoms are forming and how to protect our accounts at this important turning point
  • when and how to help in protecting accounts during high risk periods
  • which assets perform best during each stage of the market cycle
  • diversification that actually works
  • when to exploit market conditions
  • how to profit from volatility

Our goal, simply put, is to make money for our clients in all market conditions.

$10 invested in 1928, and not touched, would have been worth only $17,020 in the year 2000, but $10 invested in 1928, while avoiding the 30 worst bear market months during this period, would have been worth $1,864,400 in the year 2000.  Imagine what this same $10 would have compounded to if, instead of moving into cash and avoiding bear markets, one were able to make additional profits during these bad periods!  This is the goal of MarketCycle Wealth Management, LLC.

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MarketCycle Wealth Management | Stephen Aust
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