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aust-bio-photoMarketCycle Wealth Management was created by Dr. Stephen Aust after decades of intense systems analysis and testing. He developed one of the very first Relative Strength Analysis programs in the 1980s (it is still in active use across the globe) and then gradually and methodically developed MarketCycle’s lower-risk, holistic, proprietary trading system. He feels that being an Investment Advisor is one of the few activities that improves with time… the older one gets, the better one gets.

Besides his doctorate (and seeing patients since 1983) and obtaining certain financial designations, Stephen has passed the examination for the highest level Series-65 financial license.  MarketCycle Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisory and unlike brokers and insurance sales people, we have, by law, a fiduciary responsibility to always put our client’s interests first and to adhere to the highest standard of professional competence.  Stephen is also a member of the National Ethics Association. To be a member one must have a clean past and current history as well as no ethics violations.

Stephen Aust (“Steph”) feels that trading securities has completely changed his life:  “I always felt that I had a lot of common sense and that I had a rational view of life, but trading securities taught me otherwise. Early on, when I would have a certain belief about what was about to happen in the financial markets and then placed a bet based on those beliefs, and then lost my money, it soon taught me that many of my beliefs had to be wrong. This forced me to look into other areas of my life and I soon found myself tossing out many of the cherished ideas that I had carried around with me for years or even decades. In a sense, it was my trading in financial markets that set me free of many of my false ideas; it taught me, actually forced me, to really think rationally and freely. There is absolutely no real benefit in believing, and then acting upon, what is un-true.”

He has a great love of the outdoors, spent years breeding and working with horses and is the author of the highly rated Classical Equitation Simplified. He strives to find a balance in (and to enjoy) all aspects of life. In addition, he is a self described exercise and nutrition fanatic and spends time each day quietly meditating in order to clear his mind of clutter. Steph has lived throughout the United States. He married in 1977 which resulted in a son and daughter-in-law that he is very proud of… and enough beautiful grandchildren to sit on each knee.

Having been raised in Kentucky, he has incorporated the old Kentucky saying into how he manages MarketCycle Wealth Management:  “There is no education in the second kick of a mule.”  This means that if a person doesn’t learn from the first kick, then s/he isn’t going to learn.

Mission Statement

Personal mission statement of Stephen Aust, CEO of MarketCycle Wealth Management, LLC:

“My goal in setting up MarketCycle the way that I have, with individual separate managed accounts, is to offer what I believe to be better opportunities than the typical hedge fund can offer, but to people with more limited means and lower account balances… to those most adverse to risk. Honestly, how many people have enough capital to place the required $750,000 minimum under the management of a hedge fund.

“My vision is that our clients, given the opportunity to increase their wealth, will be in a position to, not only take care of themselves and their families, but to use some of their profits to make positive changes in the world. 


“MarketCycle Wealth Management will always give a portion of our profits to charity.”

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”
– Michelangelo

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