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Our goal is to help our clients to safely prosper, regardless of market conditions… and your first three months with MarketCycle Wealth Management are absolutely FREE!


MarketCycle, quite simply, is in the business of buying the safest and strongest global assets and holding them until their long-term profitable trending periods are over.  We combine proprietary techniques that allow us to profit during both bull and bear markets.  If 2008 taught us anything it was that “buy-and-hold” is a high-risk marketing gimmick that does not work in the real world.

As explained throughout this website, our goal is to reduce risk on all levels while increasing profits.  MarketCycle Wealth Management is registered in the United States but is able to work with clients on an international basis utilizing our international brokerage.  All clients benefit from the strict U.S. regulations.

This is what MarketCycle Wealth Management offers:

  • an advanced proprietary (long-short) trend following system (allowing for profits even during recessionary bear markets as in 2008) combined with global-macro economic-cycle analysis, relative strength analysis, inter-market analysis and recession probability analysis.
  • we do not have high fees and for the first three months with MarketCycle there is absolutely NO management fee charged at all
  • infrequent trading which results in reduced taxes and costs
  • seeking lower risk profits regardless of market conditions
  • all client accounts are individually managed (and with a high level of SIPC insurance)
  • highly liquid, strongly diversified global assets… stocks, bonds, commodities, gold, currencies and liquid alternative assets
  • utilizing appropriate additional income streams which helps to keep money flowing into your account during unprofitable sideways periods for stocks
  • we constantly monitor risk levels in the markets and we respond appropriately based on what is happening in real time
  • we have implemented multiple techniques that help to reduce risk of all types (inflation, deflation, drawdowns, currency devaluation, company risk, etc) and we do not have direct access to the money in your private account… we only have permission to trade, protecting you from the worst type of risk
  • unlike hedge funds, all separately managed accounts must conform to the high level of regulation imposed by the United States Government, the SEC and FINRA
  • we utilize socially responsible investments (SRI)
  • MarketCycle offers six different account types based on risk tolerance


Jon Taylor, in his book, Investment Timing and the Business Cycle states thatthe potential for enhancing investment returns in the equity market through market timing ( trend following ) and business cycle analysis is significant.”  And according to Bud Conrad, author of Profiting from the World’s Economic Crisis, “Market cycles can not only be observed, their patterns are repetitious enough to be traded.”  MarketCycle’s clients profit by exploiting this opportunity.


The world and the economy are in the process of dramatic long-term changes. Investors that continue to play by the old rules will lose.  MarketCycle Wealth Management understands how to navigate through the turmoil. It’s that simple!




MarketCycle Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor for separately managed accounts, utilizing lower risk trend following & “hedged” global-macro hedge fund techniques & socially responsible investing.

Contact Stephen Aust: 1-800-MWM-8635

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